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We take responsibility for climate protection.

Climate Neutral company

Our company is carbon neutral! Every business activity generates CO2 emissions - including the fill-out and handing in of a tax declaration. We are aware of this, want to make a contribution to climate protection and therefore fully compensate for our carbon footprint. The amount of greenhouse gas which we have generated has been calculated using a costly process and is updated annually. This allows us to adapt our measures for climate protection to our actual CO2 consumption. We offset this by supporting a climate protection project that saves CO2 emissions elsewhere.


Every year, more than 4 million people die as a result of air pollution from cooking with traditional three-stone fires, especially in poorer rural areas worldwide. The Qori Q'oncha project provides thousands of families with highly efficient cooking stoves that save fossil fuels and reduce CO2 emissions. For more than 10 years, the above mentioned project has supported particularly poor families in Peru.

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Even as a consumer you have the opportunity to minimize your ecological footprint. You can have your total carbon footprint determined and fully balanced. Alternatively, you can compensate for individual events, such as a long-haul flight. The state supports your generosity and allows the deduction of climate donations from your income. Your account statement is sufficient to prove your donation to the tax office. Only if you donate more than 200 Euros you need to provide a special donation evidence.

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How to contribute to climate protection: By filing your tax declaration with wundertax you show that climate protection is important to you. wundertax is currently the only provider that offers you the sustainable tax declaration. This means that the submission of your tax return is completely carbon-neutral. We compensate the emission of CO2. You can feel good by protecting our climate and help to save our world for future generations.

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