The story behind wundertax

With the motto "tax returns made easy" wundertax has developed into the leading provider of target group-specific tax solutions.

wundertax was founded in 2015 as “Study clever” with the aim of providing students with an online solution for submitting their tax returns quickly and easily without any prior knowledge or outside help. The idea behind it: to deduct the high costs of studying from their taxes, secure a loss carryforward, and offset this against their tax liability paid in the first year of employment - this way, they could benefit from the few thousand euros that they spent on their studies. The idea was so positively received by the market that the wundertax team decided to transfer the concept of a needs-based tax solution to other target groups in the following year. Therefore, changing the name to “wundertax” was only logical. Nowadays, wundertax offers a variety of specialized tax tools, the following are the most important:

Our team is determined to make tax returns easier with each day

Currently, 25 colleagues in our team work every day to make our target group-based tax solutions even better. We operate from our office in Berlin-Mitte, but our employees come from all over the world. Our team is led by experienced manager Daniel Hanemann. We are always looking for new team members to join us to help us continue growing. A selection of our job openings can be found on the next page. You can’t find the right job but would you like to simplify the tax world with us? Simply send us an application!

Our tax solution

wundertax’s tax solution ensures you can submit your tax return online quickly, easily and without prior knowledge or outside help. Our tax interview tailored to your professional group will guide you through your data entries and show you whether you are obliged to file your tax return and what sort of refund / additional payment you can expect. This service is free of charge. If you are satisfied with your results, you can pay a fee for us to compile your data and send it to the tax office. Our goal is to simplify the tax industry as much as possible and ensure you receive the greatest possible tax refund. In addition, we emphasize the importance of sustainable coexistence with our online tax return and therefore support the “climate neutral” initiative.

Advantages of our tax solution at a glance


File your own tax return without prior knowledge


Find out your tax refund in 17 minutes


Average tax refund of 1.095 euros


TÜV-tested customer satisfaction


Free customer service from Mon-Sat from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Climate neutral tax return


Pre-set flat rates & optimization checks


Tax advice & FAQs support you


Submit only if you are satisfied


Cheaper than any tax advisor


Tax submission either online or on paper


Submit up to 4 years retrospectively


Best data protection and encryption


Online solution - no installation required

We help with all questions relating to tax returns

Tax Tips

Control guide

File your tax return

Our promise to our customers


Step-by-step interview guidelines for filing your tax return


Technical customer service from Mon-Sat from 9.30am-6.30pm


Continuous further development of our tax solution based on regular customer surveys


TÜV certification for very good customer satisfaction!

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