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Our climate commitment -
together for a green future!

  Receive an average tax refund of €1,095*✱ Source: Federal Statistical Office

We protect 1 m² forest per tax return

Our forests are under severe threat - but it is the natural forests that can counteract climate change: They serve as air filters, CO2 storage and sinks, produce oxygen and are habitats for many animals and plants. Unfortunately, however, forests are too often encroached upon and far too many trees are used as firewood.

With forest protection, certain areas are taken out of economic use for 20 years. This allows the forest to develop freely and provide a natural habitat for many animal and plant species. In this way, we are making an important contribution to the preservation of biodiversity and climate protection in Germany. For every tax return submitted, we protect the equivalent* of 1 m² of forest per year. So you too can contribute to forest conservation and file your taxes with wundertax! By submitting your tax return, you can secure your personal forest protection certificate and make a positive contribution to the environment.


*To ensure a sustainable effect on our environment, we protect an equivalent area of forest for 20 years for the number of tax returns submitted with wundertax. Converted to 1 year, this is equivalent to protecting 1 m² of forest per tax return

In order to monitor the effectiveness of the forest protection project, biodiversity performance is measured using satellites and IoT sensors. This involves continuous monitoring of indicators such as species diversity, indicator species and carbon stocks, productivity and the health of the ecosystem. In this way, positive effects can be made tangible and risks to the forest area can be identified in real time.

In return, we receive biodiversity credits in accordance with the guidelines of the Biodiversity Credit Alliance:

By submitting tax returns online, we save paper

In most cases, you cannot avoid filing a tax return. However, submitting electronically at least reduces the amount of paper used. If you file your tax return with wundertax, there isn’t any paper and therefore wood needed. Furthermore, as a digitally operating company, we work paperless. Therefore, with wundertax you help to reduce paper consumption in many ways. With wundertax, you are literally filing a green tax return!


In 2021, according to

Statista, 3.4 million people more than in the previous year submitted their tax returns electronically. According to our estimates, this means a saving of about 204 tons of paper within one year!

We are creating 3000 new nesting sites for wild bees

Just as tax returns play a crucial role for society, wild bees also make a significant contribution to the functioning of ecosystems. With their pollination services, they ensure the preservation of biodiversity. Bees are therefore fundamental to our food supply and thus to securing the basis of human life. However, a lack of bee-friendly plants and nesting sites and the use of insecticides are driving bee mortality ever further.

That is why we at wundertax are now also supporting BIENENVEST’s WILD BEES project and are creating 3,000 new living spaces and nesting places for wild bees by installing a wild bee hotel.

We have an internal CO2 management system

We want to minimize our ecological footprint through internal CO2 management. By drawing up a CO2 balance sheet, we disclose our emissions on an annual basis. This allows us to identify potential savings in terms of our emissions and review the measures we take to reduce CO 2 emissions.

For the 2022 reporting year, potential savings have been identified in our team’s commuter traffic: In order to exploit this, we have started to subsidize the use of public transport at wundertax in 2023 through the Jobticket or Deutschlandticket. We also promote cycling by supporting our employees with Jobrad.

With success! This has enabled us to more than halve our team’s commuting emissions within a year:

CO2-Bilanz 2022 und 2023

Using a different calculator that is better tailored to our business model, we were able to include our main driver “Digital services and servers” in Scope 3 for the 2023 reporting year. What initially looks like a large increase in our emissions actually means that we were able to close a significant gap in our emissions analysis. We are now in a better position to identify our real emissions hotspots and further refine our strategy to reduce our environmental impact.

We support global climate protection projects

At wundertax, we also take responsibility for emissions that cannot be reduced further: we offset these by supporting certified global climate protection projects. This is done in cooperation with Planted, which selects the projects according to the highest quality standards in line with the recommendations of the German Federal Environment Agency. To ensure maximum transparency, individual projects are visited and reviewed by Planted on site. These selected CO2 projects then receive the “Planted-Approved Seal” in addition to the certifications of the highest quality standards.

These climate protection projects help to reduce the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Furthermore, the lives of local people are also improved on a social, economic and ecological level by the climate protection projects. Supporting climate protection projects therefore has a positive impact on the sustainable development of our society. At wundertax, we are making a valuable contribution to global climate protection and were able to help offset a total of 246.96 tons of CO2e emissions in 2023.

We are planting a climate-stable company forest

In addition to supporting global climate protection projects, we have a climate-stable tree planted in Germany every month for each of our employees. This is a strong impulse to build a sustainable forest for the future. Here you can follow our commitment and have a digital look at wundertax’s company forest growing: