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Am I required to file a tax return?

There are many various circumstances that determine whether or not you have an obligation to file an income tax return in Germany (also referred to as German tax declaration). To put it simply, most employees who don’t receive supplementary income from renting, self-employment, business, agriculture, etc. or haven’t chosen a special tax class are not required to file a tax return. Keep in mind, it is typically still worth it to file a voluntary tax return even when you aren’t required to do so – most taxpayers receive an average tax refund of 1.095 euros! You can find out here whether you’re filed to file a tax return. Taxpayers required to file a 2020 tax return have a deadline of October 31st 2021, while voluntary filers have 4 years to submit their electronic data to the tax authorities via the Elster interface.

Paper or electronic tax return?

Taxes in Germany might seem intimidating, but wundertax is here to simplify the process for you. Before online tax returns via Elster forms or Mein Elster became more popular, taxpayers used to have to always struggle with filing their tax return with a variety of forms and attachments. With wundertax, you don’t have to worry about sorting between complicated tax forms or figuring out where to enter your expenses and allowances such as child benefits, commuter costs, childcare costs, and further tax deductions. IN fact, you don’t need any prior tax knowledge at all! The data you provide us with is automatically inserted into the correct forms and transferred securely via the Elster interface.

Tax returns made easy - with wundertax!

Wundertax’s primary goal is to make filing your tax return a easy, quick, and stress-free process. First, we provide you with simple interview questions about your income, income-related expenses, and other deductible costs. During this process, our live calculator constantly updates allowing to to see what your estimated tax refund will be. Afterwards, we determine your local tax office and whether you’re required to file a tax return and finally, with your approval, your data is submitted to the tax office via the Elster interface, without you needing to have your own Elster certificate. As of 2017, you no longer need to submit receipts with your tax return to prove your expenses; however, you should still store them as the tax office can still request you to provide proof after submission.

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