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Secure your average tax refund of 1.095 euros!

Our tax software helps you file your tax return in 4 easy steps

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Keep your annual pay stubs and additional relevant documents on hand

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Answer simple questions about your income & expenses in our tax interview

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Our tax software sends your data to the tax office: Just as secure as Elster


Wait 3-12 weeks for the tax office to send you your tax assessment notice

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Easy online tax program with wundertax

The question rolls around each year whether you should file your tax return online or on paper, which attachments you might need, and what you can or must declare. You might also be wondering which tax office you are required to submit your tax return to and what expenses might help you yield a higher tax refund – we at wundertax proudly provide our customers with all of this information and more.

There are so many tax software providers on the market that it’s easy to lose track of all of them. How can you figure out which tax software is worth investing your time into? The German tax authorities provide the Elster tax software which is essentially the online version of the old-fashioned tax return, but unfortunately, Elster doesn’t make filing your taxes any easier. The tax authorities have no interest in giving you tips that help you save taxes and you have to find out yourself which attachments you need and what expenses you should deduct.

How wundertax’s tax software works

With wundertax’s software, you don’t have to go on tedious searches for required documents or deal with complicated forms. Our easy-to-understand tax interview asks simple questions about your income and expenses and automatically fills out income-related expenses and deductible lump sums. Our target group-oriented tax program enables you to submit your tax return individually in just 17 minutes. In addition, it shows whether your tax return submission is mandatory and our live tax calculator constantly updates during your entries and displays your estimated tax refund.

After you finish entering your data, our tax tool helps you submit your tax return to your local tax office. 3-12 weeks later, your tax office will send you your tax assessment notice along with your highest possible tax refund thanks to our software’s help! Did you know that those who submit their tax return voluntarily receive an average tax refund of 1.095 euros? Our goal is to help you secure your highest possible refund.

German tax returns made easy: Enter your income-related expenses & other costs into our tax program and check your tax refund for free!

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